Memphis Belle and Nose Art History


1st Eighth Air Force WWII Bomber to complete 25 Combat Missions & return to the United States

The B-17 Flying Fortress "MEMPHIS BELLE" (Serial No. 41-24485) was one of 12,750 B-17's built by the Boeing Aircraft Co. The BELLE was the most famous because she was the first heavy bomber in Hitler's European war theatre to complete 25 combat missions and keep her entire crew alive. She flew for 10 months from November 7, 1942 to May 17, 1943. The command generals had set 25 missions as an incentive for air crews to go home. Morale was extremely low because 80% of the bombers were shot down during the first three months of America's combat flights over Europe…

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MFF Website Now using SSL

The website is now using secure SSL connection (https). Let me know if there are any issues for you. <<{MFF}>>cK{CL}

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New Profile Game Icons

New Profile Game Icons

Read more below to see how to activate these new icons for your profile, to let others know which games you play. We may be moving away from vwar in the future and this is the first step.

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New Mohaa Server IPs

New Mohaa Server IPs Main server Test server

Please start playing on the new server and spread the word! Our old server has been retired.

Discuss the new server in the Server Discussion forum.


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